We are the wild ones…

political child is pink suits upcoming debut album.
A scream of Punk anger. An Anti Capitalist protest. A Feminist rebellion. A Queer resistance of gender binaries. It is a late onset teen angst scream of rage against the current political system.

Post 2016. Post Brexit. Post Trump. POST TRUTH FUCK PROOF.

The album addresses themes of rebellion, protest, sexism & female censorship, social media, mental health & survival in a neoliberal society. It aims to fight back against intolerance and the global rise of right wing politics by using aggressive political rock to bring people together in rage and frustration. We make noise as resistance, we shout to come together in solidarity and direct our anger towards creating radical change. Longing for a time that music could change the world. Struggling to grow up. Fuelled by anger, regret and naivety. With just drums and a guitar, pink suits response to the current political climate is pure Rock & Rage.