Pink SuitS BAND

we are pink suits ... and we sound like this!

This is the new Glam Rock! Born in the queer clubs and Cabaret bars. pink suits are a PoliRock (aggressive/genderfuck/political rock) duo creating experimental performance that blurs the lines of form and practice. As a band, pink suits create aggressive political rock music as well as dance, physical theatre and film. The work is an exploration of fantasy, mental health, politics, activism and is a resistance of binary gender expectations. pink suits make work that is loud and questions how our voices and bodies can be effective as a form of protest.


Our work is a Genderfuck scream of frustration.

Facebook: Pink Suits
Instagram: @pinksuitsband



Lennie (vocals/guitar)

Ray (vocals/drums)  


Justin Hunt (producer) is a producer, lecturer, and performer based in London. As a producer he supports queers to make the art they fucking want to. As a lecturer he teaches about sex and performance. As a performer he uses lecture and one-to-one formats to pervert norms.
@rjustinhunt |

Jemima Yong (documentation) is a Sarawakian performance maker and photographer raised in Singapore. She has developed her artistic practice in London, United Kingdom, where she is currently based and has spent some time working in Swaziland. 

Photography on site by  Jemima Yong unless otherwise noted.